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Microsoft Office - Your professional Office program

Microsoft software holds its place on the market. When you buy a new computer, it not comes with the Microsoft Office suite. Sure, you will find a scaled-down form of word processing, or spreadsheets, but you can only use the Microsoft Office suite as a trial version. But not when you buy your Microsoft Office from us. We offer a low price, easy handling and the original version of Microsoft Office suites.

Microsoft Office for your computer

Since the introduction of the Windows Vista operating system, you no longer receive an integrated Office suite when you purchase a Windows PC. Instead, you must rely on open source applications or scaled-down versions of Microsoft software. This may be sufficient for your personal needs, but, at least when you use your PC professionally, Microsoft Office is required. Content such as Outlook, PowerPoint and Access are rarely available in the alternative offers. If you opt to purchase Microsoft Office suites, you have to dig deep into your pocket. In general, Microsoft Office is expensive and can only be used for a limited number of computers. For your office, you need multiple licences from Microsoft, thereby increasing your spending.

In our online shop we offer Microsoft Office with one or two licences at reasonable prices. You will not receive an installation CD from us, but the possibility to download the Office suite directly. After you install the program, you enter the licence key provided by us in the fields provided. Of course, the products of the Microsoft Office range include the programs which are important for you. Edit photos and graphics with Paint software, create and edit your presentations with PowerPoint, send emails with Outlook or create quick notes by using OneNote. The variety of programs included in Microsoft Office allows you to ensure your entire workflow with one piece of software.


Thanks to Microsoft Office, you can rely on Outlook

Do you use Microsoft Outlook for your work and personal emails? Nowadays, you no longer get the software directly with your computer, but you must purchase it separately. You avoid this expense if you choose Microsoft Office Professional. The professional version of the Office suite is hard to beat. In addition to Outlook, the convenient email and calendar Program, you get PowerPoint, Publisher, Lync, InfoPath and Access. Of course Microsoft Office Professional also includes Word, Excel and the OneNote note-taking program.


Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019?

Which Microsoft Office suite should you buy from us at reasonable prices? You alone can ultimately answer this question, but if you have already upgraded your computer, we recommend Microsoft Office 2019. The new version of the Microsoft Office suite is characterised by its stability and versatility. You can install the Office suite easily from the Windows 10 operating system onwards and access components such as PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and Word. Select the Office software with one licence if you want to upgrade only a single computer and use it to access Outlook or PowerPoint. If you are upgrading your notebook as well as your desktop PC, opt for the Microsoft Office suite with two licences. The older Office version, Microsoft Office 2016, also includes Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and more, but it was replaced by the software relaunch in 2018. Is that a disadvantage for you? Of course not, because we offer you the older software suite at a reduced price without you sacrificing content. In this way, you save even more and you can finally use PowerPoint or Outlook from Microsoft.


The simple way to Microsoft Office

Are you tired of accumulating countless installation CDs over time? Purchase your Microsoft Office suite in our online shop and avoid additional CDs. Because we offer the software with easy download. During your purchase, you simply place the selected Office suite in the basket and finalise the order. Even the payment is convenient because we work with SEPA direct debit. After your payment you will receive the licence key for your product. You download the software from the download server displayed in the order and install it as usual. If you decide to make a purchase in our Online Shop, you can usually use the Microsoft Office suite within seconds in full and begin to process your emails or presentations.


Thanks to Microsoft Office you no longer need to go without PowerPoint

If you need to create professional presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint takes some beating. The catchy program makes it easy for people with no experience to create attractive presentations. With Outlook integrated into the Office suite, you can quickly send your PowerPoint presentations to your superiors or customers. However, the Microsoft Office suite offers even more. To ensure that your PowerPoint presentation is not short on facts, you can create notes in or build a guide in OneNote.


Design your Office now

View the Microsoft Office products in our online shop today and opt for a purchase from the cheapest supplier. We are pleased to be able to guarantee low prices and a simple purchasing process. Try it and see for yourself how easy it is to buy Microsoft Office to download.