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FOCUS online Shopping Deal: Vouchers are also valid at SoftwareFair

FOCUS online is poaching in our hunting ground and is offering a "Windows 10 license for the Knaller price of only 19.99 Euro" just in time for the launch of Windows 7. We can't let that sit on our heads: We poach back now!

All well and good ...

Almost everything that FOCUS publishes online on its shopping deal page is good and correct:

What's bad, however, is that Microsoft doesn't have a product called "Windows 10 Professional", for which FOCUS editors even had a fantasy boxshot designed. The correct product name is rather: "Windows 10 Pro". However, other providers also make this careless mistake.

Another bad thing is that the shopping deal voucher at FOCUS online is only valid for a short period of time - in this case for one day (which is now of course over).

Here comes the code

The voucher code is: deal10

Value: EUR 10,00

In our shop it is valid until 31.12.2019. And not only for Windows 10, but also for all Office products offered by us. Each customer can only redeem the voucher once.

Shopping deals under observation

We will continue to closely monitor the FOCUS online shopping deals in the future, and as soon as one of the products we offer appears there, we will ensure that you can redeem the voucher code offered in our online shop for at least two months!

There are many advantages to ordering from SoftwareFair:

+ We only offer licenses that allow the activation of the respective full version. With support claim!

+ The activation takes place regularly online.

+ All licenses offered by us are valid for an indefinite period of time and allow with unchanged CPU on the same device at any time a renewed installation and activation.

+ SoftwareFair has been on the market since 2014 with legally incontestable products in Germany and Europe and has more than 1,000 top ratings at TrustedShops.

Not everyone can claim this!