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G DATA Antivirus | 3 device | 24 months


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G DATA Antivirus | 3 device | 24 months

The best virus protection programme in the world comes from Germany. G Data CyberDefense AG has its headquarters in Bochum and has been developing security solutions for computers since 1985. An Internet connection is required for installation and for virus signature and software updates. The term refers to the subscription period for updates.


Best G DATA protection for Windows: Our brand-new DeepRay® and BEAST technologies use artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis to detect camouflaged and previously unknown malware.


G DATA Antivirus works unobtrusively in the background for your security. And you surf, play or shop at full speed.


Whether it's attacks by ransomware extortionists, via security holes or during online banking: you're safe. A good feeling, isn't it?

The most important functions

Virus scanner
Behavioural check
E-mail check
Exploit protection
G DATA BankGuard
USB Keyboard Guard
Update management

Sophisticated virus scanner

The core of all G DATA solutions for Microsoft Windows computers is CloseGap technology with DoubleScan: two virus scanners work in perfect harmony to ensure maximum protection. Together, they scan your system for both widespread malware and new viruses or only locally occurring threats. The intelligent technologies of the anti-virus programme complement each other and take action exactly where it is needed - without restricting the speed of your computer.

Is a file behaving suspiciously?

In order to also identify malware that is not yet known, G DATA virus protection works with proactive technologies. The Behaviour Blocker recognises viruses by their behaviour: For example, are unwanted processes started in the background after you have double-clicked on a file? Unnoticed downloads, for example, are stopped reliably and quickly by the behaviour analysis before they become a danger.

Security gaps as a gateway

The virus protection also guarantees users optimal protection if there are security gaps on the computer. With its specially developed advanced antivirus technology, G-Data protects against dangerous exploits - harmful program codes that are tailored precisely to security gaps in your computer and exploit them. The intelligent G DATA software protects your computer even from previously unknown exploits by monitoring processes and detecting deviations from the usual course of events.

In each programme, many small processes take place one after the other. One process reacts to the previous one, and the sequence of possible reactions is predictable. Exploits cause faulty reactions in this sequence. If a programme is infected, it is executed differently than it should. To detect this, Exploit Protection automatically performs memory tests and checks the runtime of each programme sequence.

Protection of your online activities: Most attacks from the Internet - apart from phishing sites - take place via so-called drive-by infections: The user visits a prepared website, which spies out the computer for vulnerable security gaps. As soon as suitable gaps are discovered, the appropriate exploit is sent to the computer unnoticed in order to subsequently download and execute further malware - for example banking Trojans or ransomware.

No chance for blackmailers

G DATA virus protection also arms you against threats from extortion viruses: so-called ransomware blocks your computer in the event of an attack and encrypts your data, such as private pictures, videos, documents or emails. The perpetrators only release the data again in exchange for a ransom payment.

Virus scanners and behavioural monitoring can detect and remove the malware. In order to protect you optimally against extortionate malware and to react even more specifically to ransomware activities, G-Data has developed a completely new procedure: G DATA Anti-Ransomware is a proactive technology - encryption Trojans are detected at an early stage based on the characteristics that are typical of malware of this type.

For example, it is noticeable when backups of the operating system are switched off, a noticeable number of files are encrypted in a short time or file extensions are changed (e.g. .docx in .locky). G DATA Anti-Ransomware interrupts such processes immediately, so that your pictures, videos, documents and emails cannot be encrypted.

Security for online banking

The G DATA anti-virus programme also offers efficient protection for your online banking: the patented technology secures your browser against banking Trojans that want to manipulate bank transfers, for example. BankGuard recognises possible manipulations and replaces them with the original. The virus protection then identifies and deletes the malware.

System requirements

Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / or 7 (SP 1)

At least 2 GB RAM (32- & 64-bit), CPU with x86 or x64 architecture