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Upgrade your PC with Microsoft Windows

We have now reached that point. Microsoft is finally ending support for the popular operating system Windows XP and will not be providing security updates or bug fixes anymore. What does that mean for you? Firstly, you have to give up more security. On the other hand, new applications probably will not run on XP soon. Therefore, you should act now and treat your computer to an update. Buy the Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft in our online shop and sit back and relax.

Uncomplicated move to Windows 7

In our online shop you will get the Windows 7 and Windows 7 Professional operating systems via uncomplicated download. The switch to the new operating system means of course you will also get product support and the updates from now on as usual. Updates are always included in Windows 7, but you have the option to configure the software update yourself. Alternatively, opt for the user-friendly version. With this option, Windows 7 loads the respective software updates directly from the Microsoft Server and installs them. Alternatively, you can use the custom setting and decide whether and which updates are to be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft server. The Windows 7 and Windows 7 Professional operating systems we offer already include the so-called Service Pack 1 which guarantees critical security updates.


Windows 7 is stable

If you have been using Microsoft Windows for some time, you know the motto. It always applies, skip one operating system in order to obtain a stable variant. Thus it is ideal if you now switch from XP to Windows 7. Both the home edition of Microsoft Windows 7 and the professional version are considered stable and powerful. Old applications and programs usually run on this operating system. In addition, you can of course install the applications specifically designed for Microsoft Windows 7 and use them in their entirety. This operating system has only one drawback. Microsoft Windows does not integrate a full version of the Office suite anymore. If you do not need the full Office suite, you can use the stripped-down Office applications. Alternatively, have a look at the Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 in our online shop at a very reasonable price. Both software packages include the familiar Office applications and allow you to use your computer professionally and personally.


Get Microsoft Windows at favourable prices

Ordering from our Online Shop is very easy. Simply put your version of the Microsoft Windows operating system in the basket and complete the order. Payment is via SEPA direct debit. Within 24 hours you will receive your product key and you can permanently activate the software downloaded via the Microsoft server. Windows Media Center, Windows Aero interface and multi-touch support are ll included in the operating system. To download the Microsoft Windows operating system, you just need to follow the link to the download the server and download the software. At the same time, of course, you get installation instructions, a short user guide and information about activating Windows 7.


Windows 7 Home Edition or Professional?

We have the lowest prices. Precisely for this reason, it is worthwhile thinking about the Professional version of Microsoft Windows 7. The programmers tailored the operating system to the demands of professional use and guarantee you a system that will support you in your work. Due to the simple and catchy design, the rapid performance and stability, you can use Microsoft Windows 7 without problems or fear of crashes for your office. In our online shop we offer both versions of Windows 7 at incredibly low prices via convenient download. You activate your operating system permanently with the product key we send you. The versions we have available are each intended for installation on a single computer, multiple installation is not possible.


Save when you purchase Windows 7

You want your remain loyal to your Microsoft operating system but still want to enjoy the product support? Then now is the time to move to Windows 7. Just recently, Microsoft ensured product support for Windows 7 until the year 2020 and thus leaving you plenty of time to savour your operating system completely. As the next version of the operating system is already on the market, we can offer Windows 7 from Microsoft at the best price. You can also find applications that are tailored to the operating system from Microsoft in our online shop. Since we offer the sales of Microsoft products and the Windows 7 operating system exclusively via download from the official server, you don't need to wait for an installation CD to arrive. The download is available immediately after you place your order and you receive the product key by email. Grab these offers today and ensure long-lasting product support, versatile applications and a stable operating system all thanks to Windows 7.