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Windows 7 Home Premium - 32/64-Bit - for 1 Computer


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Windows 7 Home Premium - 32/64-Bit - for 1 Computer

You want to upgrade your computer? In this case we have the best operating system for you. In our online shop you can get the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system with licence for one computer. Of course, we also offer this full version at the usual low price and guarantee that henceforth you can operate your computer even more intuitively. The license is valid indefinitely for one computer. Moving to another computer is not possible. The license does not allow activation on an Apple computer, or in a virtual environment.


Windows 7 Home Premium in the full version

Purchase your licence for one PC at a low price and install Windows 7 Home Premium immediately. Microsoft fulfills every wish with this version of the operating system. As soon as you install the download file and activate the product key, you will notice the user-friendly operation. Windows 7 Home Premium is much faster than previous versions and the version offers all the content you want. Among other things, Microsoft has integrated an optimised taskbar in Windows 7. With only two clicks on programs stored the taskbar, you can view and open the most recently opened files. At the same time the taskbar in Windows 7 offers the option to store important programs for you. Decide which applications you need each day and simply add them to the taskbar. But still more awaits you after buying Windows 7 Home Premium. Even the Windows Search has been optimised. The operating system also allows you to perform simple network management and tailor your desktop to your needs.


Faster with Windows 7 Home Premium

This operating system does not only let you reach your goal faster. You can also use Windows 7 for your personal entertainment. Windows Media Center provides you with a solid music program. Windows 7 allows you to arrange photos, videos or documents in no time. And if you want to put together your own TV program, you can use the software that is included in the full version of Windows 7 to record programs directly in HD.


Buy Windows 7 Home Premium at a really low price

IN our online shop, we offer the OEM Windows 7 Home Premium operating system at the best price. The version is of course an original full version that you download from the download server. Within 24 hours of receipt of payment, you will receive the activation key from us that provides you with permanent use of the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium. Of course, you do not have to give up Service Pack SP1 or further updates with our download version. The product support is included in the version and ensures that your operating system is always kept up to date. Microsoft recently announced that the Product Support for Windows 7 Home Premium will continue until 2020. So grab it now and upgrade your computer at an especially low price.

System requirements:

  • Memory: 1 GB (32-Bit) or 2 GB (64-Bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB ( 32-Bit) or 20 GB ( 64-Bit)

The license key

for the Microsoft product activation, you purchase is valid for all 40 languages ​​in which this operating system is available. He is indefinitely valid for one computer and entitles the user to receive all updates provided by the manufacturer for this software for an unlimited period of time.

You buy from us compatible to the download:

  • The license for the Microsoft product activation on one computer;
  • 30 days support for installation and activation.

The software is not labeled. We deliver according to our choice an OEM license or a license from the retail sector. We do not provide support for installing and activating Windows on Apple computers.